speaker's kit

Speaker's Kit for Giovanni Gallucci of search+social co.

SEO expert, social media specialist, & digital strategist



“It’s more informative when you have someone up there talking about a case study instead of panelists just giving you snippets of information,” said an attendee at one of my recent events.


I agree. During my presentations, I make sure attendees can walk away with useful, pertinent information they can put into action with their own campaigns. I show what works in social media marketing and online public relations, and more importantly, what hasn’t worked for me. I speak from experience, only offering case studies of the campaigns I've personally led for clients.



Name: giovanni gallucci

Title: digital strategist

Company: search+social co.


Personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/giovanni

Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/searchsocialco 


Giovanni Gallucci is a recovering Microsoft .NET programmer-turned-internet-journeyman who develops & delivers award-winning search engine & social media strategy for a broad range of clients in music, film, TV, tech, travel, & sports.


On one hand, Giovanni Gallucci is a recovering Microsoft .NET programmer-turned-internet-journeyman who develops & delivers award-winning search engine optimization & social media marketing strategies for a broad range of clients in music, tech, food & beverage, fashion, film/TV, & sports.  On the other, he's a professional photographer & online content creator working with clients in the same industries. In both, he brings a Renaissance soul & delivers effective, world-class campaigns. 

Giovanni is passionate, driven, creative, & constantly surprises even himself at what he'll do for money.

Past speaking appearance include:

  • ad:tech

  • American Marketing Association (several local chapters)

  • BevNet

  • Canada Music Week

  • Dewey Beach Music Festival

  • DFW Search Engine Marketing Association

  • Dubai's Digital Media Forum

  • Macworld

  • MarTech

  • Public Relations Society Of America (several local chapters)

  • Pubcon

  • Search Engine Watch Live!

  • Social Media Club (several local chapters)

  • State of Search Conference

  • SXSWi

Giovanni has been featured in a variety of media outlets including AdAge, AdWeek, The Dallas Morning News, Fox Business News, The Houston Chronicle, Inc. Magazine, InfoWorld, NBC, The New York Times, The London Telegraph, USA Today, and Wired Magazine.


Check out a sampling of some of his marquee clients


Industry Specializations: Entertainment, Food & Beverage (CPG), Fashion, Tech.


Travels from: Dallas, Texas (flies Southwest Airlines out of Love Field Airport only, unless Southwest does not fly into destination).



  • Commercial fees negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Minimum $1,000 plus expenses.

  • Engagements with accredited non-profit organizations are typically free depending on my availability (including presentations to accredited educational organizations).

  • In all cases, expenses for travel, lodging, and rental car, must be covered by host and are separate from speaker's fees.


  • One coach airline ticket, roundtrip from and back to Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas (preferably on Southwest Airlines).

  • Standard class rental car allowance for one day per daily engagement + one additional day (minimum of two days).

  • 3+ star hotel for one night per daily engagement + one additional night (minimum of two nights).




Generally: Search engine optimization, social media marketing, online marketing and public relations, online audience development, influencer marketing, mobile marketing, online video, online reputation, photography, and online content production and promotion.


Specifically (but not limited to):

  • “Getting Big Media Access Via Social Media”

  • “Social Media Optimization”

  • “Extreme Social Media Marketing”

  • Video Optimization/Image Optimization

  • When & How To Successfully Fire A Client

  • “In These Troubled Times: Successful Online PR and Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

  • “Making a Living in Online Media”

  • “Social Media Basics for Public Relations Pros”

  • “The Dark Side of Social Media Marketing: Gaming the Community”

  • “Safe Networking Tips for Parents”

  • “Fire Your Public Relations Firm!”

  • “PR Firms in Crisis: How to Keep Your Clients from Firing You”

  • “SEO Is DEAD. Long Live SEO!”

  • “Saving Traditional Media with Social Media”

  • “Politics 3.0: Interactive Political Successes”

  • “Twittiful: 10 Guaranteed Ways to Wreck Your Brand on Social Media”

  • “Online Brand Reputation Management”

  • “Building A Rockstar Music Career on a Bootstrap Budget”

  • “Dead Men Walking: The Bleak Future for Traditional Media”

  • “21st Century Warfare: Fighting Intolerance Online”

  • “Case Studies in Screwing the Record Companies”

  • “Measuring Success: Social Media Marketing Analytics”

  • “Unconference Best Practices: Creating A World Class Event From 0 – 60 in Seven Days”

  • “Building A Successful Social Media Marketing Practice”

  • “Winning Hearts and Minds Via Social Media: A New Kind of Warfare”

  • “Big Brand Successes in Social Media Marketing”

Giovanni's a big help both in his marketing expertise & his ability to engage & train staff. - (5 out of 5)