social media training for the music business

Social Media Training for Musicians

In every aspect of the music business, it's harder to survive than it's ever been. Navigating the digital space can be difficult – especially for those who are not “technologists”. The Social Media Workshop’s Training for Musicians will help you get your digital marketing in shape. My training courses cover all aspects of digital marketing including:

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Līve.Loud.Texas offers both public social media training with live courses and internal agency training for organizations.


The Difference

Our intensive courses are designed to provide you with a strong understanding of the digital space as well as help you create an action plan to start using digital strategies to build your business. You will walk away with a solid action plan and the knowledge and tools to bring it to life.


We know that your time is valuable – We've worked hard to develop training programs that give you results. Get your digital marketing in shape today with the Līve.Loud.Texas Social Media Workshop Training for Musicians.