On Target Partners Photographic Branding Swatch


Please review these photos and select NO MORE THAN 15 that you feel represent the branding, culture, and business image you’d like to portray for On Target moving forward.

I need to get a sense of what you all are looking for as an overall brand image here. Selecting an image does not mean it will actually be used on the new website. It will tell me if you all are looking for more traditional vs. trendy / abstract vs. realistic / serious vs. playful images for the brand. This will inform my initial design of the site. Of course, once the site is live, we will be able to change out images - this is just meant to give us a starting point for the initial site design.

Once you review these - please send me your ideas using the form at the bottom of the page. Indicate which images you want me to use by telling the numbers that are watermarked on the bottom left-hand corner of each image.

These images are presented in random order by design so as not to influence your decision making.

  • giovanni 

List the 10 - 15 images from the gallery above that you thing best represents to future of OTP branding.