Local SEO Questionnaire

Local SEO Client Discovery Questionnaire

It’s important for NAP consistency to get this exactly right, including designations like LLC, Inc. etc.
If a different name has been used in the past 10 years, please list and explain. Discovering DBAs and researching old names that may still be out there are important for thorough citation consistency check.
Be sure multi-location businesses have assigned a unique phone number to each location, to prevent citation confusion. Also note that inconsistency in marketed open hours loses business.
If so, please explain.
A single home-based business if fine, but a string of houses being used for business could be a red flag for Google. Assess any privacy concerns for home-based businesses.
We will make sure all locations comply with Google guidelines and are eligible for GMB listings.
A citation audit must include research on old addresses and phone numbers to be complete.
This dictates the scope of content development that should either be audited or undertaken.
The number of cities we target will be dictated by your budget for content development. We may have to start with top cities only, and then grow beyond this over time.
We will make sure NAP inconsistencies have not been created due to multiple phone numbers. We will also review to make sure call tracking numbers have been implemented with no-harm tactics.
Citation consistency matters here, too.
This gauges not only the age of the domain, but also helps is to identify any variant domains that may still be referenced around the web.
Particularly for companies that have received bad past advice, this can be the hornet's nest. Resolution may require consolidating into a single site, or if company is a franchise with multiple website being controlled by multiple people, understanding and sometimes refining existing contracts will be part of this.
We're looking for any weird relationships with external webmasters who may be slow to implement suggestions, stalling work progress.
Companies not in control of their websites may be unable to implement suggestions. It should be a prerequisite that enough control is present for implementation.
We'll need access to both to do a good job, and will need to get your company signed up if you aren't already.
This will dictate many things, including focused keyword research, citation category choice, site architecture change recommendations, content development and more.
This fuels keyword research, market research, content development possibilities, and more.
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