2014 - 2015 were busy years for me. I passed my 20th year in business as an online marketing professional, developer, and digital strategist and decided to take my many online alias' and merge them back into one cohesive brand. To that end, I rebranded with a major new look and announced the launch of a new website in support of this. Gone is the Live.Loud.Texas brand (which I absolutely love!) and back is the simpler, classic self-identity - giovanni gallucci


The Live.Loud.Texas brand - which is my favorite of all time...tended to confuse people with the pronunciation and meaning of the word "Live"  - which is just a show-stopper in a brand name. 


Dramatic? I think so. I have changed my business brand to my own name because I believe that this fresh, simple identity better represents my purpose and the breadth and depth of work I do. I have been working on this clean, classic new website design to make it easier to view the impact and variety of my services. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I can - and do - contribute to the strengthening of brands I work with and I hope this new design allows me to better express that.