linkedin ads

LinkedIn is the biggest business-to-business social media network out there, and its use as a go-to personal network is also growing. Getting your name out on LinkedIn can give you an important step up in increasing your brand strength among businesses and professionals. We provide LinkedIn advertising management services that can help you figure out the best way to target your marketing on this network, giving you better results as you reach out to a new audience.

Option 1: LinkedIn Advertising Setup

For those who think they can manage an effective advertising campaign, but aren’t sure where they should start, we provide LinkedIn advertising help that allows you to get your presence established. This provides everything that a marketing department or social media guru needs to get things moving. We can establish the framework of your advertising to fit the needs of your business, whether you are using a large marketing department or just a few people.

What do we do during the set up phase for your LinkedIn advertising account?

  1. An examination of your business goals and the ways in which LinkedIn advertising can help you meet them

  2. A Full set up of your LinkedIn ad account

  3. Identify strategtic job titles to target ads to

  4. Examination of your current landing pages

  5. A look at your website, blog, and other online resources and how they might be integrated

  6. Construct and craft your text ads

  7. Get approval

  8. Push campaign live

  9. Monitor and support

You should strongly consider this option for your LinkedIn ads if you meet the following criteria:

  • Somebody within your organization can manage the campaign after setup

  • You plan on handling the LinkedIn advertising account yourself

  • You have a marketing department which can provide you with any LinkedIn ads help you may need

Option 2: LinkedIn Advertising Setup and Management

If you don’t want to worry about your LinkedIn account at all, you can tap us to help you with not only the setup of your account, but also the management and maintenance of your ad campaign. This option is intended for those who don’t have the staff to run an effective campaign themselves, or who simply haven’t learned the skills that they feel would help in maximizing the effectiveness of their ads. This brand of LinkedIn advertising help has all the benefits listed above, plus the following additional offerings:

  • Regular daily or weekly account maintenance

  • Weekly ad maintenance and ad tweaking

  • Ad monitoring and adjustments

  • Content suggestions pertaining to status updates, image usage, and associated content on your website that might improve your social media ad effectiveness.

  • Ongoing consultation to help you maximize your social media endeavors.

If you want to maximize your social media capabilities, ads on LinkedIn will certainly help. With our aid, you can make these ads the best they can be.