influencer marketing

Micro Influencer Marketing

People trust people: not ads, not the media, and increasingly not celebrities. Tell your brand's story through micro influencers. 


Breaking through the noise and standing out online can be difficult. But as social influencers continue to grow in popularity, and word-of-mouth remains the most trusted form of marketing, I deliver effective influencer and earned media approaches to help my clients meet their business objectives. I recognized the power of influencer marketing long before influencers started making headlines. In fact, I have been utilizing word-of-mouth online for over a decade, since influencer outreach meant engaging bloggers, and I continue to set the bar for working with influencers as cultural connectors.

And I know people.

Whether it’s generating buzz by finding and activating a brand’s most powerful advocates, collaborating with influencers as brand storytellers and content creators, or partnering with micro-influencers as brand spokespeople, we know the right people and the right ways to engage them.


I have a proven track record of developing and managing influencer marketing campaign which focus on helping brands grow fast. I identify connected influencers who are aligned with your brand and share your passion and voice. My virtual rolodex includes well-connected micro influencers embedded deep in tech, music, entertainment, sports, and food & beverage industries – who can help bring your brand’s story to life and delivered your story to the right audience on the right platform. I can increase brand awareness, generate leads, grow sales, increase customer satisfaction & retention for every client who partners with me.  


Influencer Marketing Services Include:

  • Online Word Of Mouth & Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation & Amplification
  • Branded Lifestyle Storyteller Campaigns
  • Brand/Fan Advocacy Activations
  • Influencer Mapping
  • Crisis Management Preparation

Giovanni delivers great strategies to engage users in a relevant, meaningful way. - (5 out of 5)