Vlogging With The Canon G1X Mark III

This is a quick vlogging test using the Canon G1X Mark III. I am primarily testing the autofocus, image sharpness, rolling shutter, low-light performance, image stabilization, and audio from the in-camera mic.

Since I render my personal videos down to black and white, color is really not an issue for me. I am looking for an overall crisp, contrast-y image to begin with so the conversion to black and white ends up being what I'm looking for.

While I use a Canon EOS m50 on a teleprompter for in-studio videos, the G1X Mark III looks like it is going to be my everyday carry camera. I'l really happy with every aspect of the camera (except fo the lack of a mic jack).


In this video the G1X Mark III is stand-alone. It is mounted to the windshield of my car with a GoPro Flat Adhesive mount, a mounting buckle, and a Neewer Universal Conversion Adapter (1/4 Inch 20).

I am creating a look I want for my vlogs that will be easy to reproduce but will convey the right tone visually. As always, I am fighting with producing the product with minimal assets and effort.

I edit the videos in FCPX. The video is shot using the G1X's "Fine Detail" Picture Style. In this video, the following effects are used, in this order, to create the look and feel I want:

  1. CrumplePop's AutoWhiteBalance - Temp set to 5500K

  2. CineLook's S Curve - Default Settings Used.

  3. mLooks Noir - Flat Mix 35%, Grain amount 0.2.

  4. Apple Color Board Master set to 15%.

That's it. Aside from the conversion from color to Noir, I am not doing much at all with the video. If I find a way to convert the video to something that approximated Fujifilm's Acros film style, I'll make that change in the future.

music: “osaka” by birocratic.

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