The Small Company Marketing Confidence Dilemma

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My experience is that many small technology companies have strong confidence in their products or services, but are sometimes fearful of raising too much visibility for their company due to its small size. In an attempt to appear larger, they simply avoid any visibility on their company, focusing their marketing almost solely on their product or service.

The superiority of your product or service may have little correlation to your sales if prospective customers lack confidence that you’re a viable and responsive company. 


Avoiding discussion and promotion of your company because of its young age, small size, or lack of a large customer base is common, but not recommended.

There are means to carefully promote your company as a viable, responsive business while reducing concerns about its small size or young age. A small and/or young technology company can be shown to have significant and real benefits over larger companies with the right, careful messaging strategies.

The bottom line is that well-designed messaging maps can define messaging to leverage the positive elements of a small and/or young technology company, allowing you to confidently promote and market your company—not just your products or services.