Testing The Insta360 One X

Insta360 One X is a bold new direction for Insta360’s consumer 360 cameras.  Until now, Insta360 has been known for having smartphone 360 cameras, i.e., 360 cameras that clip onto your smartphone.  All their consumer 360 cameras have been smartphone 360 cameras: the Insta360 Nano, Insta360 Nano S, Insta360 Air, and Insta360 One.  The Insta360 One X breaks from precedent and is purely a standalone device.

Beyond its form factor, Insta360 One X is also turning heads with its comprehensive feature set. It’s as if they assembled the top 360 cameras in the market, identified the best features of each one, and crammed those best features into the One X, as you’ll see below. While its competitors will likely be filled with fear and loathing, consumers should be elated, as it will be easier to choose between features that would otherwise only be available in separate cameras.

I should add that Insta360 One X did not just copy its competitors features. They also improved their signature features, such as Bullet Time, and added new features such as Drift Shot and Time Shift.

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