Reaching Executive Decision Makers

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As companies continue to consolidate their supplier lists, it is becoming increasingly important for B2B marketers to build strategic, trusted relationships with executives in key decision-making roles.


But “upreaching” to time-strapped executives isn’t easy. In fact, a Google study showed that executives spend less than 2% of their weekly schedule in discussion with vendors—including their already established vendors.


The Executive’s Filter

When an executive engages a new potential vendor, there’s a filtering process they’ll use to ensure they’re focusing attention on efforts that drive their critical business outcomes. They’ll likely use these key filtering questions to decide whether to give you their time and attention:

  • Time: Is this worth my time and attention?

  • Relevance: Can you help me accelerate progress toward a critical goal or overcome a critical challenge?

  • Outcome: What specific critical desired outcome can you help me achieve?

  • Credibility: Is your value proposition credible?

Your value proposition and related claims will gain traction with executives if they are clearly relevant and credible. Good sources of validation can come from the input of trusted colleagues or advisors (key influencers); recommendations from industry peers; or from known, reputable industry sources such as analysts.

Adapting your approach to recognize this filtering process may help you improve your ability to gain the attention of C-suite executives and critical decision makers.