Beginnings - Texas Music Documentary

There's only four or five big major funded record labels left out there, and there never was more than 10 or 12. So let's keep the math real simple, and let's say there's still 10 of 'em. And let's say that, those 10 companies, each one of 'em carries five hairy legged male singers at any point in time. That's 50 people in the whole world that are getting that opportunity. And when you think of it in those terms, and then you begin to realize there's way more than 50 people out there that have the ability, have the God-given talent, have the chops, have everything they need, they just didn't get that opportunity. And that kinda puts it in perspective.

We'd all like to believe that if we're good enough, we try hard enough and we pour everything into it, that it's gonna happen for us. And I think that dream keeps a lot of people going, and it makes their life worth living to them, to have that dream.

But when you lay that dream up against reality, there's a tremendous amount of people who work very hard, who do everything right, who try in every possible way to do the right thing, that still never get the opportunity. And that's just the reality of our business.