9 Tips for Social Media Marketing Beginners

Leveraging the power of earned media via articles and social networking advertising will help increase your audience and client base in a dramatic manner. But getting started without insight or any experience can be hard.

It is imperative that you understand social media marketing fundamentals. Abiding by these 9 laws can help build a base that will serve your customers and -- perhaps most significantly -- your bottom line. When you optimize for quality you raise the quality of your audience.



It is far better to focus on a single area of content than to become a jack-of-all-trades. A highly-focused social networking and content advertising strategy meant to construct a powerful brand has a greater opportunity for success than a comprehensive strategy that tries to be everything to all people.



Success with social websites and content promotion requires as much listening and less talking. Read your intended audiences content and combine discussions to learn what is important to them. Can you produce content and spark conversations that include their own lives and value as opposed to clutter.



Social networking and content advertising success does not happen overnight. It is a lot more probable that you will overnight success as it's likely to capture lightning in a jar. Nothing in this world is easy - everything that is easy either doesn't last, isn't worth anything, or both. 



Produce high quality content, articles, and tips to build your online audience of high caliber followers and they will share it and discuss it with their fans on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own sites and much more.


This sharing and talking about your content opens new entrance points for search engines such as Google to find it in key word searches. Those entrance points may grow to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of more ways for folks to find you online.



Quality trumps quantity. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Sadly, this is why I produce more photos and vides and I don't write online very often. I'm never happy with the quality of my articles. It is far better to have a few followers discuss, browse, share, and talk about your work after the very first moment they've seen it than it is to have your followers ignore you, or worse, stop following you because you clog up their inbox and social feeds with low quality content.  

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Treat the value of the information you share similarly to the way you treat the quality in your content. Deliver value - not constant info about yourself. Should you invest all of your time on the social web directly promoting your services and products, people will stop listening. You have to add value. Focus on generating content that is amazing and creating relationships with influencers in your space and in the spaces where you want to do business. With time, those folks will grow to be a catalyst for marketing for your business.


You can not expect other people to share your articles and speak about you if you do not do the exact same for them. Spend time focusing on talking about content from people you want to connect with and sharing their content with your followers.


You would not ignore somebody who reaches out to you in real life so don't discount them online. Building relationships is among the most crucial sections of networking marketing success, so acknowledge people who reach out to you.


Spend some time discovering the online influencers on your marketplace who have quality viewers and are very likely to be interested in your products, services and company. Connect with these individuals and work to create relationships.

Should you get on their radar as an authoritative, interesting source of helpful info, they may share your articles using their own followers, which might set you and your company before a massive new audience.

I have done this with several clients and while it seemed counter intuitive to the clients in the beginning - it has paid off in spades in the long term. 


Do not publish your articles and then vanish. Be available. Be consistent. This means you want to publish articles and take part in conversations on a regular basis. You don't have to have a strict schedule, but your followers need to be able to count on you being there when they expect you to be there. It's up to you to set the schedule, but once you set the expectation, follow through. Followers on the internet can be fickle and they won't be afraid to replace you when you disappear for weeks or months at a time.

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