How Much Does It Cost To Get A New Client On Social Media?

In this video we're going to have an honest discussion about what it costs to acquire a new customer via social media. So you're interested in growing your business using social media. I recently read in blog post that it costs $18 and 68 cents to actually acquire a new customer, or client using social media. I wanted to know if that number is reasonable - if it's accurate if it it's true.

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The Social Media Marketing Triangle

The project management triangle as it is sometimes known is a valuable tool for prioritizing and decision making. It is often used as a throw away tool in training courses. But it is a powerful tool in the hands of a competent leader or professional.

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The How, What, And Why Behind Canonical Tags

Canonical tags—the term itself can be intimidating. Apart from the confusion and anxiety they stir up among non-technical digital marketers and website operators, there is a great deal of apprehension around their use. Even seasoned webmasters often walk on eggshells when working with canonical tags for fear of messing up link systems they’ve worked so hard to build.

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Creating Effective Instagram Stories

It's incredible to think that Instagram Stories was only just launched in the middle of 2016. It's now at 300 million daily active users, if it were its own app that would make it one of the most used social apps on the planet. In 2016 alone, Instagram generated $1.5 billion. Those figures are expected to grow to 5 billion by the end of 2018.

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